Cohort Sighting: Rambler American In Downtown Boston

Rambler American 1962 side

dmala77 posted these fine shots of an early sixties Rambler American wending its way through downtown Boston on a fine spring morning. I’m not sure exactly what year this is; they can be pretty hard to tell exactly apart unless one has taken an advanced degree in these. And I didn’t exactly sign up for that one. Their boxy and crude styling made it the least glamorous new car in 1961. I suppose Rambler didn’t really care what I thought.

Rambler American 1962 Cohort

But that’s ok; be unglamorous for four decades, and eventually you become hip. Which these are, I assure you. Perhaps even more so than a Falcon, just because of their sheer goofiness. And their relative rarity doesn’t help either. The American’s modest sales back then have done it a favor. How many folks younger than forty even recognize it?

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