Cohort Sighting: Two Ravishing Red Classics

Alfa 2008 8C

Now here’s a delicious twosome: one of 500 Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione and a Mack FT pumper. If Santa brought me these two toys, I could be very happy indeed.

Alfa 2008 8C f

Old age is (in part) a mixture of cynicism and nostalgia, which means that most hot new fast phallus-mobiles are easily dismissed for lacking any genuine appeal. But the Alfa 8C slipped by those gate-keepers, right into my heart. Yes, it was still possible to get a bit excited about a new red car from Italy. Of course, I was ten years younger then when it was first shown as a concept. And admittedly, it looks best from the front. And it’s not perfect. But it did get my blood going then, and it still manages to ten years later. Now about that Mack;

Mack FT Lynn 1997 Macks slide108

Sadly, LeSabretoothTiger didn’t shoot more of the Mack. It’s not one of the still-common B Series; it’s an FT (I think), which was built between 1941 and 1950. I’m a lover of vintage Macks, and the FT has about as handsome a radiator as any. Here’s a row of them from an antique fire truck gathering elsewhere, showing off their handsome profiles. Red sports car,. red fire engine; what more could a guy ask for?