Cohort Sighting: Ultra-Rare 1973 Australian Ford Fairlane ZXGLQ-FU Turns Up In Washington

Ford Torino 1972 f

I’d recognize that car anywhere, even if I identified it incorrectly. Yes, I had my fun with it, in this post a couple of years ago. No, it’s not really a rare Australian Fairlane, but it is rare, which is why I was sure it was the same 1972 Ford Torino I shot in Eugene a couple of years ago when I saw it posted at the Cohort by Eric Clem. I strongly suspect it’s the only one left of its kind, a rare low-trim six cylinder non-Grand Torino. And just to be sure, I have proof.

Ford Torino 1972 r

That sticker on the left side of the trunk lid is the proof.

CC 97 054 1200

There it is, on my shot of it taken a couple of years ago in Eugene. The owner did tell me he was trying to sell it, so it all makes sense, right down to it being shot again by one of our intrepid street walkers in Washington.

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