Cohort Sighting: VW T3 Double-Cab Pickup – The German Avalanche

VW T3 pickup side

If this were spotted in Germany or some other European country, it would barely be worth shooting. But runningonfumes shot this in the state of Washington, and I can vouch for the rarity of a T3 VW double-cab pickup on this side of the pond. Or single cab, for that matter. Despite the chicken tax, there were a modest number of T1 and T2 pickups imported, although perhaps the lion’s share went to VW dealers to use as parts and service trucks. I did still see one or two T3 pickups at a VW dealer, but by the eighties, most VW dealers couldn’t be bothered to incur the extra expense purely for the promotional value.  Of course, this may well be a gray-market import.

VW T3 pickup f

From the front end, I’m 99% sure it is a more recent import. That is an unusual bumper; maybe it was originally used in some kind of service that called for battering rams.

VW T3 pickup sign

An artist’s car; explains everything and nothing. Well, I’m not an artist, but these trucks do speak to me. Love the seating height, driving position, visibility, short length, tight turning radius, superb suspension, room to carry five in comfort, and the bed in back that converts to a flatbed. What’s not to like? I shouldn’t have asked.

VW T3 Pickup rq

Undoubtedly it’s got a diesel tucked in under there, as does virtually every commercially-used Transporter in Europe since the diesels became available. Just no dump bed; at least not in this configuration.