Colonnades Be Damned: My Own Customized Hardtop 1973 Cutlass Coupe

The new 1973 GM A-Bodies were pretty inspiring, none more so than the Olds versions. A friend and I went straight to the Olds dealer in Iowa City, loaded up on brochures, got out scissors and glue, and went to work. Yes, this is how photo-chopping was done in the old days; hence the expression cut and paste.

My friend was the more creative and ambitious one, so I give him credit in lieu of any signatures on them. But just the fact that I still have any of them is what is remarkable, given how the early seventies were a series of endless road trips and couch surfing “homes” for me. Why do you think I really agreed to do CCCCC: a chance to trot out some old treasures. The Cutlass Supreme coupe was not spared either. Now if I could just find the time to learn the real Photo-Shop. Or was this more fun?