Comment Classic: Restomod Regret – “I Liked It More Original”

Every once in a while there will be a pithy comment left at CC that deserves wider appreciation. Here’s on from Patrick, left at my ’55 Chevy CC.

I found a raggedy but rust free 1955 Bel Air wagon back in 1995. 265 P/G. Not a common car back then, today, lots of wagons out there. I got it running, fixed the brakes and drove it as is for a couple of years. I took it apart in 1997 and did a frame off resto/mod. 350, 700R4, front disk brakes. I was happy with it but today I’d simply fix the dents and get a cheapo paint job. I liked it more original.

Ah yes; restomod regret, a not uncommon ailment.

And it can apply to just restoration too. A car can only be original once in its life. And the natural aging process is one to embrace and appreciate. I’ve been a fanatic about this for just about forever, and fortunately in the serious collector market, the appreciation and value of original cars has been strongly increasing. A restored car will never be original, and many restorations have been botched.

As to restomods, what can I add, except that the number of truly original tri-five Chevys must be precariously small. I’m sure many are happy with what they’ve wrought, but unfortunately the end result will typically not age well, and in the future, restomods will likely only lose value. But an original ’55 Chevy wagon; now that’s something to appreciate.

I suspect we haven’t exactly made Patrick feel better, but some life lessons are painful: leave well enough alone.