Comment Picture Outtake: VW Diesel Pickup Hauling Heavy Load – Update: Supposedly It’s Pulling The Combine Too!

VW pickup diesel hauling

Sometimes a picture posted with a comment deserves a wider audience. Robert Schoenlein posted this picture of his grandfather’s diesel VW pickup (54 hp) towing a trailer loaded with a vintage Allis Chalmers tractor. The tractor probably weighs about 4200 pounds or so, and with the trailer maybe about 5,000 lbs total. The VW pickup was listed as weighing 2174 lbs. That’s an impressive ratio. Is that combine staying close behind in case it needs to help push the load?

Update: I didn’t read Robert’s comment right the first time. He actually says the diesel VW pickup is pulling the trailer AND the combine!!! Is that a chain visible? Or is Robert pulling our chains?  Here’s his words:

My Paternal Grandfather is a combination of a diesel and Volkswagen nut, he’s owned countless 80’s Rabbit diesel cars and pickups. The Rabbit pickups have been worked to death hauling firewood and farm equipment, somewhere I have a picture of him towing a trailer with an older farm tractor on it, while pulling an old Gleaner Combine all with a VW Rabbit Diesel Pickup, it’s pretty impressive.