Concept Outtake: 1979 Chevrolet Nomad II – GM Shoulda Woulda Coulda Been the FWD Minivan Pioneer

If GM could redo its history, here’s one of very many decisions they’d undoubtedly do differently: to not put this FWD X Car-based minivan concept into production in 1980, a full four years ahead of the pioneering Chrysler minivans (and the Renault Espace).

It was such an obvious and natural move too, given the new X Body platform, which had a V6 from the get-go too. I can’t find any info on it except this succinct comment at the GM Photo Store:

Chevrolet brought back the Nomad name in 1979 on this X-Car based, mini-van concept. The Nomad II received very strong ratings in customer clinics, but was not approved for production. Another company introduced a successful mini-van a few years later. 

What else can I add to that? It says it all. Except that GM never did make a truly successful minivan. But this looks like it could have nailed the segment.

Hat tip to Oliver Twist!