Concept Classic (And Video): Datsun 240Z Design Proposal: Just One Milestone Of A Long Process

Datsun 240Z proposal 1

(first posted 4/12/2013)    The revolutionary Datsun 240Z (CC here) had a long and somewhat tortuous development process. Albrecht Goertz was a consultant to Nissan, and the results of his early efforts with the Nissan design studio ended up being picked up by Toyota for their 2000GT. Nissan then cultivated its own designers, and they continued to evolve a number of various ideas for several years. When I ran into this one on glen.h’s collection, I wondered where it fit in. A little searching turned up a fascinating short video put together by the Z’s design team, that places this one among so many others:

Quite the range of ideas, but one theme from early on keeps coming back. And it gives an insight into how many designers were involved, and how the process is evolutionary.

There’s also this non-fastback version too.

Datsun 240 z propo 2