Concept Classics: 1971 Advanced Cadillac Styling Models

Cadillac 1971 clay 6

(first posted 4/22/2013)     Let’s take a look at some advanced styling models for the 1971 Cadillac. The production version was all-new, and somewhat of a departure from previous Cadillacs. Here are some of the various design models that influenced it.

Cadillac 1971 clay 5

This semi-fastback coupe’s roof line wasn’t used, but it does show other aspects that worked their way into the process.

Cadillac 1971 clay 1

But not as much as this formal-roof line coupe, which is quite close to the real thing.

Cadillac 1971 clay 2

Thankfully, this awkward rear bumper and fin treatment didn’t make it. I see that they were trying a symmetrical top-bottom approach back there, but why? It just doesn’t work.

Cadillac 1971 clay 4

There’s not much question that the ’71 was going to be BIG.

Cadillac 1971 clay 3

This one also has a variation of that symmetrical rear end, which apparently was under serious consideration. What a battleship!

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