CC Outtakes: Gasser’s Garage in Lomita

Ambassador 2

As I was cruising down Lomita Boulevard, a flash of pink caught my eye. Here in Southern California, some of the older repair shops still maintain outdoor repair bays, allowing you to see the customer cars. In most cases, the bays include a carport style sun shade, but this 1961 Rambler Ambassador rested on a single post hydraulic lift in the middle of the yard, completely exposed to the elements and passing eyes.

Ford Truck

Lomita is a small community in the south end of Los Angeles county, with an agricultural history dating back before World War II. The sign in front of Gasser’s Garage states they have been in business since 1929, so perhaps they’ve serviced this Ford Flatbed since initial delivery.

'61 Fury

Thinking there may be more treasures, I walked around the corner and spotted this 1961 Plymouth Fury convertible hidden behind a Chevy pickup. I’m not sure this mix of cars represents a typical day at Gasser’s Garage, but if so, it must be an interesting place to work.

Ambassador 1

Thanks to its central location, both sides of the Ambassador were available for photos, so I chose to share a second view. I’d like to know more about that stainless trim around the fuel cap. Was it a dealer added accessory, or an aftermarket gizmo designed to prevent paint damage from the fuel nozzle? After bit of online research, I discovered these fuel filler protectors were fairly common in the late fifties. To see some examples, check out this eBay link.