Curbside Classic Lite: 1967 Jeep Commando – Rough And Ready

CC 144 037 950

(first posted 2/3/2013)   For some odd reason, on this (another) gray day, I have summer on the brain…so let’s dig out something apropos. Like this gnarly Jeep Commando, to take is into the woods further than just about anything else I can dig up right now. And if we get stuck, that winch will rotate the earth a bit closer to us.

CC 144 030 950

This puppy is a survivor, and more like something you might encounter in a third world country, predating the time when Toyota Land Cruisers dominated this market.

CC 144 031 950

I see it’s a recent arrival from California; maybe it was used in someone’s growing operation way up in the Humboldt County back country. The temporary license sticker is in a very conspicuous spot, I see.

CC 144 036 950

This one is lacking the V6 emblems that would identify it as being powered by the “Dauntless” V6, which Jeep was manufacturing using Buick’s V6 production machinery at the time. The standard engine would have been the old F-head Hurrican Four, wich churned out 75 hp from 134 cubic inches. Somehow, I doubt that’s what’s still here, but if something else has been swapped in, it’s been a discreet job, with none of the tell-tale signs all-too often apparent when a Chevy V8 or such has been shoehorned in.

CC 144 038 950

There’s certainly no obvious sign of any changes in here, except for the seats.

CC 144 034 950

That’s the capsule version of the Jeep Commando and Jeepster. For a more in-depth look at these, head over here; four wheel drive not necessary.

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