Curbside Classic: Defining And Polishing The Brands

OK; the CC corporate biannual retreat and strategic planning session in Jackson Hole is over, and we’ve returned in the Gulfstream. Your input to my previous post and private e-mails confirmed my own thinking: take a deep breath, slow down, and keep the quality high, but still allow for a diversity of voices. We’re not trying to compete with the big boys on volume. So what’s the upshot? A clearer definition of the brands within CC; a bit like GM in the good old days, when the expression “the Cadillac of…” really meant something. And maintaining our Curbside Classic™ Mark of Excellence:

Curbside Classic™: Our signature product, and fully spelled out in the headline. It isn’t just about the thrill of finding cars, it’s what it takes to properly put them in perspective and context, and add something worthy to the automotive historical knowledge banks. We don’t spend weeks doing it like some, but we also don’t just slap up a few pictures with a quickie take. It’s the Goldilocks approach; but even if it’s not 3000 words long, Curbside Classic authors have to know what they speak of. Not necessarily stylistically; because we encourage different voices and points of view, but they have to back the talk with the walk. That means that guest submissions for a Curbside Classic are going to get close scrutiny of the subject matter and the depth of knowledge that informs it. Is it a car we’re not likely to find ourselves, or haven’t done before? Is it a new or different insight? When you see the full Curbside Classic™ name at the beginning of a headline, you know it’s earned it, as well as its place in the Curbside Classic archive.

Automotive History: Our other signature brand, and the same standards apply as above. Just not about found cars.

My CC: A way for CC readers to share their rides, present and past. The emphasis is on the story and the personal experience, and little or no historical knowledge or context is expected. They will typically run on weekends. And the comments should be appropriate to the content. Every car is lovable, especially if it’s accumulated personal history. And we’re going to create their own archive for them (as soon as I find my webmistress).

CC Capsule: The shorty. It may be a variation of a car we’ve already done (in which case it will be linked to the CC), or a very unique car submitted to us. Less research, context and sore fingers, but worth sharing.

CC Outtake and CC Clue: Self explanatory.

Auto-Biography and Cars of A Lifetime: Those titles specifically relate to the series by the two authors using them (PN and M Freeman). The emphasis is on the story. Guest submissions for similar stories would fall under My CC.

Other Blog Posts and Guest Submissions: If it doesn’t have one of the CC brands above in the headline, it may be anything that catches our eye or pops in our head, as well as other guest submissions that don’t fall into the other categories, but worth sharing. Caveat lector (reader beware)

Thanks for helping keep CC on track; now back to the cars…