Curbside Classic For Sale: Purple 1975 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Landau – Relive The Seventies, But Hurry!

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Now this was worth stopping for on the way to the lumberyard. Round-eye Monte’s aren’t exactly getting any more common these days, and a purple one to boot. I know someone out there needs to relive the seventies, so hurry. While we’re waiting for you to grab your checkbook and race over here, I’ll make sure no one nabs it. Does that means I have to start saying something about it in the meanwhile? Uh-oh.

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I just realized: we’ve never done a full-on CC on the gen2 Monte Carlo. Well, I’m not the one to do it, at least not today. I just don’t have the time and my gush-additive tank is running a bit low low. Yes, it’s an awesome time capsule. No, at the time, I wasn’t exactly too wild about it.

CC 197 010 900

It’s a rolling sculpture, just not a very restrained one. Hips, bulges, skegs, ridges; protrusions of all sorts everywhere.

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I was pretty challenged by all of the ’73 Colonnades, but the MC was at or near the top. Whoa! Where is this trend-line going to end up? It was like 1958 all over; one just knew this was going to end in a crash. But party on, while the gas is cheap. Or semi-cheap. Since the Colonnades arrived just before the first energy crisis, the timing was not exactly favorable. But that didn’t hurt its sales, at least not for long. The gen2 MC was a mammoth hit for Chevrolet.

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This 1975 represents the low point in its sales trajectory, with a mere 260k sold. It ramped right back up, and in 1977, some 400k of them were lovingly embraced by their new owners. That’s right in Camry territory.

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The Landau consistently sold a bit less than the base S coupe, despite this artistically crafted medallion. I’d like one of those; it’s worth buying the car for that alone.

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The interior certainly doesn’t show any artistry or fine craftsmanship. Classic seventies GM cheap plastics and wobbly fit and finish. Never mind keeping those huge doors from sagging. Hey, it’s vintage, and this is what the seventies are all about. It’s not like GM was the only one pushing cars that were a bit lacking in precision fit and finish. Just more of them.

CC 197 007 900

This is the MC penalty box, reserved for those that didn’t fawn over them. The best revenge: take a hater for a ride, in the back seat.  Make no mistake; I love these cars; please don’t make me sit back there! What can I do to make amends? What’s taking you so long?

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