Curbside Classic For Sale – The Website, That Is

For Sale

After five years of writing Curbside Classics, and three years of running and building up this website, the time has come for a change. I need to un-tether myself from this very addictive activity, and catch up on some critical projects with my other work as well as some travel and such. This is not an easy decision by a long shot, as I’ve poured a lot of myself into this baby. But it’s time to hand over the keys to someone else.

Typically, web sites are sold via brokers or auctions or such, but I don’t want to hand the keys over to just anyone, so I though I’d put this out to you all, in case one (or more) of you wants to hop in the driver’s seat of a fine running website (well, we’ll fix a few minor bugs before we would let you drive off).

Stats 10 13 monthly

CC has grown very strongly and steadily, and October set a major new record (ignore the big spike from 1-13, the result of a couple of links from big sites).  We’re now averaging 20-25k Page Views daily. Over 160k Unique Visitors drop in per month. And we’re generating a steadily growing if modest income stream from the Google Adsense ads.


So unlike buying this 1965 Iso Rivolta project car which will cost you untold thousands to get back in proper shape, or buying a new car and making payments just to watch it depreciate, CC will pay for itself, or more! And if you have some marketing savvy (which I don’t), there’s probably lots of ways to monetize the site more effectively.

How much? Well, there are some rough guidelines to value web sites based on stats and revenue, and if you’re really interested, we can discuss it in private. But very roughly the price of a nice new car. No beater Isos, please. My goal is to find someone out there that is already a fan of the site, who wants a new hobby/business  and can take CC to the next level. Or maybe a couple of you want to get together and form a partnership or such. It’s time to fulfill that long-lingering desire to be a media titan, and have your own biggish automotive web site. And if you live in the East and there aren’t any CCs to shoot, I’ll throw in my collection of photos, which has thousands of cars yet to be written up.

keys -car

So who’s going to step up, buy this Curbside Classic, take the wheel, and drive it to new heights? Contact me at curbsideclassic(at) or the via the Contact form.

Update: I should have made it clear that I am not disappearing altogether, or right away. I will continue to contribute, as time allows and when inspiration calls. Selling the site is my preferred course, but if that’s not possible, there are other possibilities to explore. The priority is for CC to continue in the present form, one way or another. I’m open to ideas and suggestions as to how that might look. But I do think that the energy of a new owner(s) would be the best course of action.