CC Capsule: Geo Metro – Ready to Race?

Geo Metro rear

When you drive a beater it pays to have a sense of humor about it. Being the last owner of a vehicle certainly opens up more personalization options than for those who care about petty concerns like re-sale value. The owner of this Geo Metro certainly doesn’t take his ride too seriously. Or perhaps it is a Subaru Metro if we go by the emblem on the trunk lid. I’ll go with the license plate and call it rad.

Geo Metro exhaust

While that park bench inspired wing is pretty memorable the first thing that jumped out at me is the extended exhaust stack. Likely inspired by the massive exhaust stacks of cartoon like proportions found on some Bosozoku-style tuner vehicles in Japan. I later saw this Metro driving on a cooler afternoon and can confirm this stack is fully functional.

Geo Metro wing

I wonder how the view is out the rear with that big wing and all those the stickers. I also wonder how many products represented by the stickers are actually installed on the vehicle. Likely about the same numbers as on a “tuner” vehicle that takes its self more seriously.

Geo Metro side

The side view offers us another view of those all important stickers. Black paint makes the cheap looking aftermarket hubcaps slightly less gaudy. I feel we need to take a closer inspection of that front bumper repair.

Geo Metro zip tie repair

Is there any body repair that zip ties can’t do? Rather looks like stitches on a fresh cut.

Geo Metro interior

A quick peek inside confirms this likely isn’t a rocket ship of a car. A 70hp 1.3L four cylinder engine isn’t going to be fast especially when hooked to an automatic transmission.

Geo Metro warning

A car with this much going on has the be a theft target right? Well rest easy as it is fitted with a novel anti-theft sticker. You just have to hope your would be thief has a nut allergy I suppose.

Geo Metro

While some folks might look down on this little Metro I applaud the owner for building it. He’s taken what would have been anonymous little beater and turned it into something that is a tongue in cheek jab at automotive society that can often take its self too seriously. It certainly brought a smile to my face.