Curbside Classic Manor: You Gotta Drive A Curbside Classic To Live Here

CC 186 063 950

So you already know I’m in the rental business. Now I recently closed on a new acquisition, my first apartment building. It’s hardly new, but that fits in with my proclivity for beaters. And I’m going to rename it Curbside Classic Manor. Just one thing…I’ve sent letters to all the tenants notifying them that they’re all going to have to drive genuine Curbside Classics if they want to live here. If not, they get a 30 day notice. So I figured you all could help me decide who gets to stay, and who goes…

CC 186 064 950

Let’s take a stroll down the parking lot and consider each batch of cars…well, we’re off to a solid start with the first two, but that white Pontiac thingy is looking mighty shiny for my taste.

CC 186 065 950

And it’s got a fricking spoiler, on a four door sedan; Fail! Now where’s my stack of Notices? Hang on, be right with you…Oh, and that other Pontiac? Not exactly my thing, but it’s old enough. That and any GM Deadly Sin automatically qualifies, no matter what the age. Oh wait…in that case, the white Grand Prix Am gets to stay after all.ย  Shoot.

CC 186 071 950

Let’s move along; it’s cold out here today. Who kidnapped the sun anyway? There’s no question about that Roach A-Body. Although it might not be good PR to have it be known that there are roaches at CC Manor. But what about that mini-van thing? And it’s the Nissan version, of course. If it were the rare Mercury, it might be a pass….umm, what was that thing called? No, that Quest has got to go; all wrong here on the front line.

CC 186 072 950

The Conti stays, natch; even if it is a Panther. The T-Bird? Hmm…skating mighty close to Deadly Sin status, eh? Oh right; Ford never really croaked. I’m going to leave that one in your hands, so you won’t accuse me of dragging you along on this for nothing. The Corolla? Untouchable; the City of Eugene has designated all Corollas a cultural heritage object, so its has protected status.

CC 186 074 950

Now we’re not going to have to spend much time on this one. Jeez, maybe I should offer them a 5% discount for being a CC we haven’t written up yet. Never mind; I have a much better one in my files, and no car is worth a break on rent…word might get out.

But that stupid S10 truck definitely has to go…unless I can convince myself it’s a Deadly Sin.

CC 186 076 950

The old Hondoo gets a pass, and certainly the Ford truck. Although for around here, that’s a pretty youthful truck.

CC 186 077 950

This end is pretty ugly: A Camry and an Exploder…They gotta’ go. Oh shoot; they’re both parked in the handicapped zone. Let’s go up and knock on their doors; if they can walk to the door and open it, they’re history. Otherwise, I’m stuck with them. What will this do to my reputation?