CC Outtake: The Curbside Sofa (With Sleepers)

CC 202 016 900

This time of year, as the University finishes up, it’s quite common to see furniture and other stuff out at the curb: it’s a way of letting folks know it’s free for the taking. But this is the first time I’ve seen folks giving it a test-sleep first. Yes, they are sound asleep, and this was at 11 AM yesterday. And on a very busy street (W.11th at Garfield). So what’s the year and make of this fine curbside sofa? Here’s a closer look to help you with the identification.

CC 202 015 900

Anybody recognize that sofa? The sleepers? I wish I could sleep half that well, even in my dark and quiet bedroom. Cars were whizzing by just a few feet away.

CC 202 019 900

Here’s how it looked from a bit of distance, when there was a break in the traffic to get a clear shot. Gotta’ love Eugene…