Curbside Classic Site Update: I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends – And How About CC Forums?

Maybe you’ve noticed that I’m posting fewer CC pieces lately, as I’ve been more than a bit engrossed in some other (immobile) Curbside Classic projects (See related post). But thanks to our new CC Contributors that have stepped up so far, longrooffan, Ric Wayman, and David Saunders, CC is still rolling and I’m keeping my head (barely) above water. They have each now written several pieces, and brought some fresh new voices and perspectives to CC. I think we all owe them a big thanks for their efforts, and encourage them to keep up the good work. And as of this morning, I think we have one or two more in the wings. But CC can always use more, so here’s another call for contributions. Given the insights I read every day in the comments, I know there’s a lot of talent out there.

All of this is taking CC in a healthy collaborative direction. And I’d like to share some ideas about how CC readers might get more directly involved in our content. How about adding forums to CC, where readers could post a few pictures, and start their own discussion threads? Some of that already happens at the CC Cohort/Flickr page, but how about integrating it into the CC home page? Here’s an example of a site that has both a feature article every day, as well as reader-generated new forum threads: .The goal is for CC to be the go-to site about found cars, to share your finds as well as to read about them.

It would take some doing to reconfigure the site, one that I couldn’t take on right away. But I’d like to hear your feedback on that and anything else related to the site. What’s hot; what’s not?