Curbside Classic v.2.0: The Collaborative Way Forward

The response to yesterday’s “Help Wanted” post was very heartening. A number of folks have stepped forward with offers to contribute in one way or another. Good timing too, as another factor now enters into the equation: my father is dying (not unexpectedly). But I will have to head to Baltimore any day now. So here’s the the way forward, as I see it based on the needs and the offers of help:

As of today, CC is a Collaborative affair; it’s much bigger than just me, and I need to be even “smaller” right now. We’ve created an environment where folks who like finding, reading about, and intelligently discussing older cars and the automotive culture can and do feel comfortable to do so. Contributing to the content is the natural next step.

In order to make this happen, there are a couple of considerations, if we are to keep the basic format of CC intact and not turn it into a wide-open forum (although adding a forums section to CC is a possibility we could explore later):

Associate Editors: We need at least one or two or moreย  ADs who can post guest submissions as well as their own pieces. These folks should either be interested in contributing somewhat regularly, or be able to post pieces sent in by other contributors; ideally both, but not necessarily. It’s really not difficult to learn the back end of Word Press, and since WP is used so commonly, it’s also a useful skill to acquire. Obviously, I would work with them to get them up to speed.

Contributors: Readers who just want to submit pieces for posting.

I see from the comments from the previous post that some of you have already volunteered to one degree or another, and our first contributor’s piece has already been sent in. If you’re interested in being an Editor, and are unsure about what that would entail, please contact me, and we could discuss it further; on the phone, if that would help.

Also, if you want to write a historical piece on some specific car or related subject, and I don’t have shots, I can point you to where they are available with the proper credits.

I’ve made some extra copies of the CC keys since it looks like the interest to take it for a spin is there. The line starts here…just don’t ding it up ๐Ÿ™‚

(Update: for the moment, send any submissions to me:ย  curbsideclassic(at), at least until I see how soon we can get some Editors up to speed)