Curbside Classics From Germany

Dino and others 1

C.107 posted some curbside shots at the Cohort that are almost certainly from Munich Berlin. Now this is a rather exotic and eclectic grouping: Lancia Beta HPE, 1966 Cadillac and a Dino GT. A little to much so for it to be random. Must be someone’s little collection.

Dino and others 2

From this angle, it looks just like Innsbruck, where the trains roll into the station. Probably like lots of European cities, for that matter. This Dino GT coupe is just like the one I did a CC on a while back.  A very tasty coupe; loved these when they first came out, and never stopped. It’s just always looked good in every time period; a classic.

Dino and others 4

Here’s an Alfa 75/Milano Alfetta, looking well cared-after.

Dino and others 5

Unlike this neglected-looking DS.

Dino and others 6

A broken-out window, always a bad sign. Like an abandoned  house with a failing roof; you know it’s not long for the world.

Dino and others 3

And a very late-model Fiat 124 Spider.

Dino and others 7

Finally, a Day-Glo orange 2CV, to brighten up a rather dreary German day. Great shot.