Curbside Classics in Aalborg, Denmark: Old Cars Encountered While Walking and Riding

Last August my company sent me to Aalborg, Denmark. We had just acquired a small company there, and its team of software engineers were to report to me. I was on a peace mission to meet the team and get to know them. I arranged my trip so it would span a weekend so that I could be a tourist in this northern Denmark town. Along the way I encountered a handful of curbside classics, like this incredible 1971-74 Jaguar E-Type. I came across it while bicycling in the city’s northwest, near the Limfjord.

I came across this 1965 or 1966 Mustang convertible just a few minutes later. The grille looks like it’s from ’65 to me, but the side-scoop trim looks like it’s from ’66 to me. Am I reading the signs wrong, or is this a Frankenmustang?

This two-tone Beetle was busy gassing up not far from my hotel. From what cues I can make out, I guess that it’s from the 1973-78 era. Those wheels are all wrong, though.

I had to look twice to believe what I was seeing as this 1978-82 Corvette rolled up to a red light. It looked very out of place on Aalborg’s streets. I suppose that after this many years, one would look out of place on the street in the United States, too.


Finally, this 1999-2004 Peugeot 406 was parked on a side street near my hotel. I rode my bike past it every day on the way to work. I should say rather that it was the hotel’s bike; they had a whole bunch of them for guests to borrow. Bike lanes are everywhere in Aalborg, and motorists are very used to lots of bikes sharing the roads. I rode everywhere around town with no helmet and no fear. I’ll go back at least once in 2023, and here’s hoping I come back with more photos of old cars.