Curbside Classics Or Eyesores? Ask The Neighbors.

There but for the grace of restraint go I…CC Cohort charkle the 2nd posted some shots of someone afflicted with a bad case of Curbsideitis. Looks like he caught a tow truck delivering another addition. What’s more, this collection isn’t limited to the owner’s side of the street:

First, let’s take a look at his side of the street. In addition to the Jags and big BMWs, there’s a Ford ute out front, along with a Holden Kingswood ute under the carport.

A few more Jags and a Holden Commodore (the Subaru doesn’t count, since it might be the daily driver).

We’re going to assume that this other big Bimmer is also part of the collection, unless the neighbor across the street has also caught the bug.