Speechless Outtake: Google’s Patent – The Sticky Safety Hood


The Guardian reports that Google have been granted a patent for an adhesive applied to the front end of a vehicle as a safety measure in pedestrian collisions.

The patent description is quoted thusly;

“Ideally, the adhesive coating on the front portion of the vehicle may be activated on contact and will be able to adhere to the pedestrian nearly instantaneously.”

“This instantaneous or nearly-instantaneous action may help to constrain the movement of the pedestrian, who may be carried on the front end of the vehicle until the driver of the vehicle (or the vehicle itself in the case of an autonomous vehicle) reacts to the incident and applies the brakes.”

“As such, both the vehicle and pedestrian may come to a more gradual stop than if the pedestrian bounces off the vehicle.”


Frankly, I’m speechless.

Almost. I mean, Google have probably shown us the future of hood ornaments better than any Supermarionation television show ever could.

But I do wonder how hard it will be keeping the front end of these cars otherwise clean.