CCTV Ad: The Most Obscure Automotive Placement In A Modern Commercial?

Last night, Steve65 left a comment at a post wondering if anyone could identify the two cars used in this current Listerine mouthwash tv commercial. I had a very intense day yesterday (up on a roof and in a crawl space), and by the time I got to it again last night, Don Andreina had the answer.  Before I give it away, watch the commercial and see if you can identify them.

Corcel ad

Here’s a screen grab that Steve left with his question. Does that help? How about the three-lug nut wheels? Does that ring a bell?

Hint: it’s a car that was written up by our (formerly) Brazilian contributor, Rubens (he since moved to Canada).

So the question I have is this: is this vintage footage bought by the production company, or did they shoot this for the commercial? I’m inclined to say the former, as it’s just hard to imagine someone staging a scene like this in 2016 with two Brazilian Ford Corcels (oops). But either way, I got to give it to the art director for this choice. It pretty much has to be the most obscure automotive placement in an ad in a very long time. And just how many viewers watching identified them? Two? Any?

Got some other obscure automotive placements in ads to share?

CC 1969 Ford Corcel GT: The Confusing History Of A Multinational Brazilian Classic    by Rubens

Hat tip to Steve65!