Curbside Curmudgeon: What Bugs You Most On The Road?


We all see it: clueless drivers. They come in all shapes, sizes and ages, and drive everything from genuine Curbside Classics to the latest silver, multi-airbagged blandmobile. For motorheads like you and me, they can turn a pleasant drive into an excruciating, teeth-grinding pain. They are a common species: the brainless motorist.

They can do any one of a hundred things to aggravate other drivers they unfortunately share the road with. People going 45 in the fast lane on the Interstate; ignoring stop signs; taking half a minute to respond to a green light…and on and on. But for me, the absolute most annoying drivers are slow-turners. You’ve all seen them, no doubt. As they approach to make a right turn, they have to slow to 15 mph for approximately a quarter mile, and finally, finally, FINALLY make the freaking turn, at approximately 2.5 mph.

They must live in constant fear that if they dare go any faster than 1.987 mph when turning, their car will tip over and roll approximately 45 times, shedding hood ornament, wheel covers and chrome trim everywhere, burst into flames, and set an entire block of homes on fire! It does not matter if the driver is piloting a Corolla, Chevy Suburban, Subaru Legacy, Geo Metro or ’74 Fleetwood Brougham: the reaction is the same.

Oh, I feel so much better for sharing that! It has been percolating in my mind for years. If you too would like to vent your frustration on CC, feel free to share. What bugs you most when you’re on the road?

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