CC Outtake: Euro Vans – I’d Take Them Both

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Here’s a somewhat unusual pairing of matching euro-vans I’d gladly have. The Sprinter, with a Sportsmobile camping conversion, would be the ideal vehicle to replace the tired old Chinook. Ideally, it would be the long-wheelbase version, but in a pinch , this one would do. And the Transit Connect would make a viable replacement for the Xb, although it’s a bit bigger than I really need. One a bit too small; the other a bit too large….picky, eh?

The blue TC is being used as a family hauler, with the full rear seat (with kiddie seat). As many families in Europe  have discovered, this class of vehicle makes a rather ideal and practical alternative to the minivan, although the US-bound TC doesn’t have a third seat option. Is it cheaper than a comparably-equipped minivan?