Car Show Outtake: 1937 Pontiac Deluxe Eight Convertible Sedan – “America’s Finest Low-Priced Car”

Well, how’d you do? The car from this morning’s CC Clue is one of only 1,266 convertible sedans produced in 1937 (including both ‘sixes’ and ‘eights’), and they are very rare on the ground today. I had no idea when I shot the car, but I’m really glad I did now!

It’s a stunningly beautiful car, and was the highest-priced model Pontiac offered that year, at $1,235 – Ford’s V8 convertible was faster, lighter and cost less ($859), but was in a different league than the Pontiac.

The Pontiac’s straight-eight engine was stroked for 1937, bringing displacement to 249 c.i.d. (4.1l) and horsepower up to 100 – even with the increased size and power, fuel economy was improved by 10% from 1936. This engine would continue relatively unchanged through 1950.

The clean-looking dash was finished to give the appearance of walnut, and made provision for one of two optional radios at its center.

Low-priced elegance with numerous available options was Pontiac’s brand promise for 1937, and the Deluxe Eight Convertible Sedan delivered it in spades!