CC Custom: A Genuine Gen1 Monza Hardtop Coupe

Corvair Monza hardtop conversion

Last summer I teamed up with Dave Moran to create a gen1 Monza hardtop “What If?” It used the more flowing ‘bubble-top’ style roof, but Geoffrey Flynn just left a comment and this picture at that post, about this actual hardtop conversion.

He says: This type of conversion, removing the door pillars to make an early model Corvair hardtop, has already been done, and it turned out beautifully. Agreed, even if it kept the original roof. I assume it used convertible parts to make it happen. And the de-chroming on this Monza hardtop, as well as the custom dual exhausts are both nice touches too. Not it just needs some different wheels, like some vintage-style Minilites or such.

What If? 1961-1964 Corvair Monza Hardtop Coupe