Curbside Question: The CC Effect – Have You Experienced It?

It has been discussed in the comments frequently over the course of CC’s existence, but I don’t believe it has been formally addressed. I am, of course, speaking of the CC Effect. First, a definition: The CC Effect occurs when a rarely-seen Curbside Classic is posted to the site, and then, mere days later, a CC reader, writer or editor stumbles upon the very same make and model. It is uncanny how often this happens to me.

For instance, I couldn’t remember the last time I saw a Chevrolet Beretta in my rust-prone region of the country. Then Richard Bennett goes and posts an article on one, and guess what? A few days later, I’m sitting at a red light, happened to look over to my left down an alley, and there it was: a Beretta, slightly less pristine than Richard’s CC, parked crosswise in front of a garage.

Just a couple of weeks later, it happened again. After visiting the car show in Geneseo, IL (where I spotted the ’64 Cruiser), I was walking back to the car when I came upon this rather solid Suzuki Samurai. It was September 8. Guess what? On September 5, our own Ed Stembridge had done a Roadside Outtake on–you guessed it–a Samurai.

Which brings me to the question. Does this happen to you too? If so, how frequently? Inquiring minds want to know!