Vega Sighting, Midwestern Edition – Not Strictly Stock

This past Friday, I drove up to Iowa City for the U of I homecoming and parade. As I was driving through West Liberty, I saw something I haven’t seen in twenty years or more–a Vega.

I actually drove right past it, but thought twice and turned around for photos. This was a very clean Vega–a 1976 or ’77, judging from the grille and taillights. It was also in uncommonly good shape. Clearly, it has seen some bodywork and new paint in the not-too-distant past.

The other interesting thing was that it was not drastically modified. It had a full–and original-appearing–interior, with pinstriped black bucket seats. It also did not have a roll bar. It looked as though it could have been a “street machine” or some such from the early ’80s. Modified or not, finding one of these outside of a car show was a real treat.