Classic QOTD: And You Think Today’s Cars and Trucks Have Ugly Faces? What’s The Ugliest Front End Ever?

CC 78 046 1200

(first posted 12/7/2014.  I don’t normally repost old QOTDs, but there’s a lot of great stuff in the 358 comments. And you might find some newer cars since then to add to them)

Everybody always yammers about how ugly cars and trucks are nowadays, starting with their big-mouthed over-wrought front ends. Well, as nostalgic as we tend to be about the good old days, unless you’re wearing mighty strong rose-tinted glasses, this ’56 GMC truck is as bad as anything out today, if not worse. Was there ever an uglier front end? And it was sitting next to a car with another bad face.

CC 78 045 1200

Yes, this ’54 Plymouth’s face is a mess, even if it’s somehow endearing just because it’s from so long ago. But it was roundly panned at the time.

CC 78 039 1200

Misery loves company.

So new or old; what’s the ugliest automotive mug shot you can come up with?