Design Outtake: What’s Wrong With This Firebird?

You may have noticed there’s something not quite right about this Firebird. That’s because it isn’t a Firebird but, rather, an Arcadipane Imitator. It’s a Holden Monaro dressed up with parts designed by former General Motors-Holden and Ford designer Peter Arcadipane, the man who designed the Mad Max Interceptor.

Thank you John Lloyd for this old press photo which, sadly, seems to be the only photo I can find of the Imitator. There’s very little information out there about it. John has suggested it was merely a display model for all the add-on bric-a-brac Arcadipane was selling. It’s not terrible looking but it’s not Arcadipane’s best work.

For context, this is what the 1971-74 Holden HQ Monaro looked like–simplicity itself!


(ED: No, a genuine F-Body front clip will not bolt up to a Monaro, as we proved here)

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