Future Classic: 2014 Lamborghini Asterion LPI910-4 Concept – A Star Is Born


THAT’S MORE like it. No more spikey wedges aimed at nouveau riche. Lamborghini is tapping into the Matt Monro-filled alpine hedonism of the Muira with the rather splendid Asterion. You would still need to be riche to afford one, but now its decided less nouveau. A more horizontal gesture banishes (almost) the wedge to bedroom walls, reminding of the sublime Espada. It is still visually potent–this is a Lamborghini, after all–but there is now a gentlemanly poise to the Asterion. It is more dignified, more assured, and with 910PS one can understand why.

The-Italian-Job (3)

An electric motor in the Lamborghini Asterion is the main benefactor of this output, though the battery is not the only thing that makes it a hybrid. The name speaks of the unspeakable between an Opel Astra and a Mitsubishi Starion. 


Thankfully the nomenclature is as far as their genes spread (though it is conceivable that the Mitsubishi Starion, properly managed, could have been a contender in another life. Instead we got the Colt).


The Asterion marries a long wheelbase, big wheels, upright-ish screen and distinct bonnet.  I love those headlamps perched above the bonnet, and though the tail-lamps are a little tech-y for me, their broad badge-framing layout is certainly attractive.  The crest of the bodyside vent slightly over-reaches the core line, matching the cavity in the front fender, and the wheels are spectacular: just the right amount of detail to contrast the clean body. Simple designs can easily to slip into banality, but these deft touches keep this Lamborghini special.


The interior is beautifully finished and the design well-resolved. The warm colours remind me of the 2001 Audi Avantissimo concept, another brand shaper, and make a welcome change from cool greys. Along with the VW Taigun, it is another sign that Volkswagen Group interiors are becoming less austere. However the overall theme is quite conservative. A little too little. I get the suave businessman aesthetic with his select symbols of distinction, but looking at the interior I see the fuss-free Italian suit, not the nacre collar-bones.


In the Asterion, Lamborghini has produced their most believable and desirable concept yet. No word on when it might be made, but with body-side vents that large and such neatly integrated details, it has clearly been created with production in mind. Start counting your lucky stars.