eBay Find: 1966 Jaguar Mark X


Until it was replaced by the one-size-fits-all Series I XJ, the Jaguar Mark X was the biggest and most luxurious Jaguar that money could buy. Bought by the man who wanted to be driven in restrained opulence and to whom a Bentley or a Rolls-Royce would be too decadent. Thanks to the magic powers of depreciation, now you too can drive around in one. Why would you waste all the money on a chauffeur when it’d just deny you the pleasure of driving your own car anyway?

Jaguar 1959 -Mark-IX-tt-sa-lr

The current Jaguar XJ gets a lot of flak for, well, not being the old Jaguar XJ. I’m guessing it was more than expected considering they’d be getting rid of a design language that could trace its roots back to when Sir William Lyons was still calling the shots.It may not look like it nowadays, but the Mark X represented a similar modernization of the brand’s image. Its predecessor (no points for guessing that it was called the Mark IX, above) was looking decidedly old fashioned with its sweeping sides and upright grille. Sort of like the very slightly less rich man’s Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud.


The Mark X had a thoroughly reworked shape that brought it in line with the smaller S-Type. The changes were not only skin deep however, underneath the beautiful new body it was bestowed with independent rear suspension and disc brakes. 1964 brought forth the enlarged 4.2 liter version of the XK engine that would power big cats all the way to 1987 and Daimler DS420 Limousines until 1992.


The interior of this particular model is very well preserved, corresponding with the indicated 16,851 miles on the 5-digit odometer (no doubt it has rolled over once already).


The ad calls it both a “Mark X” as well as a “420G,” but this 1966 model year car is a Mark X (the car was renamed 420G for 1967 after minor changes). Giveaways include the different grille and the conspicuous lack of a strip of chrome running the sides of the car.


But either as a Mark X or a 420G, this striking sedan is still a nearly mint condition classic Jaguar at a very reasonable price. There are certainly a lot of worse ways to blow thirty grand on a car.

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