The Changing Shapes of Cars, 1932-2020: The Buick Encore Overlaid On Some Earlier Cars

CC reader and Cohort poster Chris Cieslak sent me an overlay he made in Photoshop of a current Buick Encore and a more recent car, inspired by seeing the two on the street. I liked it and encouraged him to make some more, including this one with the classic ’59 Cadillac. Yes, these are perfectly to scale. And guess which one has much better accommodations for its passengers? These Cadillacs (and others from this vintage) are surprisingly cramped, in today’s standards.

Let’s compare it to some others, going back to 1932:

Starting with a 1932 Ford. Looks so old fashioned, tall and short.

But it’s almost exactly the same height and length of the Encore. And similar ground clearance. But there’s not even a comparison in terms of comfort and space, as the Ford’s body sits way up on top of its frame and is much narrower.

In order to see it better, Chris made this transparent overlay.

Maybe something a bit more modern, and big? As in the longest production car ever, the ’71 – ’76 Cadillac Fleetwood 75. And it even has a raised roof.

And something a bit more flamboyant, as in a Monte Carlo.

And his original one, with a ’77 Caprice. Chris said it was startling to see how much taller the Encore was next to it on the street, and that’s what inspired him.


Thanks Chris!