Dooryard Outtake: Rally Green Nova

I am not a real big fan of hot rodded cars, but must admit that some can look pretty good. For example: This circa-1970 Rally Green Nova I saw on the way out of Cambridge, IL last summer. As you might have guessed, it was the color that drew me in.

How many of these 1968-72 Novas have been painted red, orange or black? Most of them–at least most of the ones you see at shows. This color really enhances the lines of the Nova coupe.

The owner was more than happy to let me snap off a few shots. I explained about CC and that his car might show up on the site. That was last August.

Well, better late than never, and maybe a car like this will soothe those of you who have had enough Cinnamon Toast Brougham for breakfast…