CC Capsule: 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Coupe And Speed Boat: Suddenly It’s 1973

CC 196 133 900

Something about this scene struck me as a real time warp. Yes, there are a few old Cutlasses around. And one does occasionally see a fast speed boat, although much less commonly than a kayak on a Subaru, hereabouts. Nowadays, power boats are invariably hitched  behind a big, tall pickup, not a ’68 Cutlass. But this is the kind of rig one would so readily have seen in the early seventies, driven by a guy with big sideburns and longish hair, heading for the lake with a cooler-full of beer and a girl with really serious hair. Even the Cutlass’ ass-high stance is period correct.

CC 196 135 900

The boat trailer is obviously well balanced, given that it seems not to have had much effect on the Cutlass’ rear end. I only hope the boat isn’t balanced too far back and lifting up on the hitch; that’s a recipe for disaster, as I once found out the hard way on the Ventura freeway.

The Cutlass S came standard with a 250hp version of the Olds 350 V8, and a four-barrel high-compression version with 310 was optional (the 250 six could be had too if you really wanted it). In either case, enough to get the job done, although the two-speed Jetaway automatic wouldn’t have done it any favors, especially on hills. What’s under the tarp? Whatever it is, it undoubtedly has a lot more beans than the Cutlass. But then that’s kind of the whole idea, right?

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