Drive By Shootings: Part 4

The Manta has escaped its decades long hibernation in the carport! But I’m not sure that’s a good thing. It looked a lot safer there than out here in the bushes. I wonder why it got moved? It’s been in there for ages.  If this weren’t an automatic, I’d be knocking on their door.

A familiar sight. This is why folks keep these old Fords around, decade after decade.

Uh oh; there’s a warning tag on the windshield. It’s been here so long, someone finally called the parking police (in Eugene they only do this if someone complains; I’ve seen cars parked in the same spot for decades, with grass growing under them out of the pavement). This is a ’64, last year for the solid front axle.

A T2 Type 2.

Oooh…a very pristine Lexus SC300, in front of a nice house.

Looks to be a regular driver too.

A Roadmaster. Not my cup of tea.

Another old Ford; this a “unibody” from 1962.

Suburban with fading paint. What else is new?

In front is a more interesting three-some. Two Audi 5000’s and a gen 1 Saturn. And another Sportage.

A rather rough looking Nissan 240SX. Ironically it’s RWD.

Like the Aerostar.

Eclipse convertible, I presume?

A very clean gen1 Jetta.

Another Beetle, this one hiding a bit.

A gen3 Civic hatchback. Where did they all go? Honda heaven?

A frontal view.

A Volvo 142. Now that’s a rare sight anymore.

Dual “bulgeside” Ford pickups.

A Trofeo!

What’s that?

1969 or 1970 C20.

A Mark VII hiding in the bushes.

And out front is a gen1 Insight. An odd couple.

Someone working on their hardbody Nissan.

A Buick.

And a rather rare gen1 Neon coupe.

A former US Forest Service Cherokee.

It was starting to rain and I headed for home. But I had to stop for this Eagle wagon.

The end of the trip. Now to get home and take a leak.