On The Go Outtake: Not Something I See Every Day — At Least Not Yet

On a drizzly morning drive into Boston last week, I spotted strange headlights advancing in the left lane.  Hummmmm…this isn’t something I see every day.

Why, it’s a Rivian R1T! Otherwise, and probably quite optimistically, known as the Electric Adventure Vehicle.  In this case, the adventure seemed to be the typical Greater-Boston-area commute — characterized by short busts of crawling along at 5mph, interspersed by full-throttle blasts to 90mph.  It was during one of the former that the Rivian popped up in my mirrors. I was able to get off a few shots before other traffic intervened.

Even here in one of the urban corners of the country where Teslas now seem as ubiquitous as VW Bugs were in the late 1960s, it is unusual to spot a vehicle of which (as of this writing) fewer than 2000 are registered in the entire country.  This is the first Rivian I’ve seen in the metal (so to speak).

Looking to me a bit like the vehicular love child of Eve and WALL-E, I can’t yet say if its lightbar-meets-cartoon eyes lighting arrangement is cute or simply goofy.  I’m leaning toward goofy, but I’d have to see more Rivians in order to really develop an opinion.  (Riiiiiiiiight) I’m also curious to hear what the illuminating Mr. Stern has to say about whether…distinctive…lighting like this is any improvement on existing technology.

At any rate, the Rivian was a weird and unexpected sight on what would otherwise be a routine morning drive.  I do not suppose I’ll be able to say that for too much longer.