CC Capsule: 1928(ish) Chrysler – Grilled to Perfection

One of the nifty things about living here is the variety of old cars to be seen out doing…y’know…car stuff; right out in traffic, or sidled up to the proverbial curb. Sometimes it’s even a very old car, like that 1911 Ford or this what I think is a 1928 Chrysler, maybe plus-minus a year or two.

I was in too much of a hurry to take more than just three pics of this car, but three pics I did get. So many details to see…

…and this was one I chose to photograph, because of course I did. The lenses say “Twolite Headlamp”, probably a reference to the then-new technical innovation of high- and low-beam headlighting—a giant advance over what came before.

So yeah, a regular-size order of headlamp geekery. But also, take a look at that radiator grille. Its woven-wire construction; its shiny chrome frame; the winged radiator cap (see above) I wish I’d got a close pic of, and the double-ringed hole at the bottom in case of a problem with the self-starter.

And furthermore, these tires on these wheels and those glossy black drum brakes behind them. There’s probably a “bespoke” joke in here somewhere.

I think it was an appointment I needed to hurry along to, so I had to stop taking pictures. But as I walked away I did have the good fortune of hearing the car start up and drive off—the sounds confirming the tale told by the tires, wheels, brakes, and headlamps: no zombie hot rod with (yet) a(nother) Chev 350—this one’s the genuine article.