Dumpside Outtake: 1980 Datsun (Neo)510 Wagon – A Recycled Name Hauling Recycled Goods

CC 208 120 800

(First Posted September 7, 2013)  As odd as it may seem, sometimes I almost rather enjoy dump runs, especially when I’ve been cooped up in my office way more than normal. Of course, that does rather depend on what’s being dumped, and what it took to get the dumpee material in the truck to start with. In this case it was just an old tv, chair and a few boxes; nothing smelly, sticky or runny. And at the recycling area, there was this nice old Datsun 510 wagon; a classic Eugene-mobile.

Now this is not the classic original 510, but the rather pale and tepid neo-510, which Datsun brought back to the US around 1979 in a blatant attempt to cash in on the lingering 510-love still rampant by recycling that name. Well, the real 510 lovers saw it for what it was, and the neo-510 became another minor footnote to Nissan’s period of decline. But they’ve become classics in their own right; as a UJC (Ubiquitous Japanese Car) of that period.