eBay Find: 1965 Ford Mustang – Curbside Classic Spec

From the moment I saw this barn-find Mustang, I knew I had a duty to share it with you. It’s well known that the Mustang had so many configurations to choose from that the chances of finding two that were identical was very slim. And that’s before the modding community got involved of course. Unmolested Mustangs are getting rarer by the day and there’s nothing we can do about it but buy and preserve the unmolested ones we want. And I think a lot of you are going to enjoy this particular one.

The reason I say that is simple: This is the polar opposite of an overly powerful restomod with a million-horsepower twincharged V8 painted in some overly bright pearlescent paint. This is just a good, honest unmolested 1965 Mustang hardtop in Springtime Yellow with a black interior. It has a vinyl roof, which is its only attempt at being something it really isn’t, and an indicated (and believable) 23,716 miles.



Things only get better when you open the hood, there to greet you is the 200 c.i. Thriftpower straight six developing a little less than the 120 horsepower that it did when it left the factory, and delivering it through a slushy three-speed automatic.

The seller seems to either be incredibly stoic in his advertising, limiting himself to assuring us that it’s a “Barn find”, and “1 owner, little old lady, Only drove to church on Sunday.”, which personally strikes me as terms that are somewhat mutually exclusive, unless the little old lady bought it back in the ‘60s and the inheritors of her estate just kinda forgot about the yellow hardtop in her garage.

The seller has done a tuneup, installed a new radiator and a battery, among other things. The great thing about it however is that it’s a great example of the Mustangs people actually bought in the ‘60s. It’s all well and good with trying to make every mustang a GT/Shelby/Whathaveyou but that doesn’t mean that all of them must go through that process.


If you want to save this particular Mustang from such a fate, take $8,200 of your hard-earned dollars and click here. Then go to Eugene and park it on the street for a while; it’s not like it’ll look out of place.