eBay Find: 1975 Coupe de Ville – It’s Big, It’s Green And It’s Beautiful


Give me a Brougham with Brougham and extra Broughams on top! Big beautiful Brougham! Con Brio!

Do you like big old land yachts? Perhaps the red one shot in the wild was not quite factory fresh enough for you? Perhaps, like me, you enjoy green cars? With green leather? And a white landau top? Well step right up son! Come on! Don’t be shy, dagnabit! I’ve got the finest little-old-lady owned cream puff you ever did see. I guaran-damn-tee it!


Beauty, eh? Oops, wrong post. I mean, ain’t that one fine American automobile? I shed a tear ever’ time a classic old Caddy passes by.

Yes, this light green 1975 Coupe is one fine example of over-the-top Brougham. Oh, the Broughamanity! Isn’t it nice to see one that survived being trashed, customized or blown up in a Hollywood movie? While most folks would think of this color as “hospital green,” I like it. You will too. And another thing son, you’ll NEVER see yourself in traffic–unlike those namby-pamby folks with no style, drivin’ silver Corollas! Ooh, THAT’S original!!


I mean, Just look at this old gal. So sharp! So imposing! And, if you can afford to feed the 500 CID V8, wouldn’t it be fun to go around scaring Prius and Fit drivers? Note: do not mess with any white Fits in Indiana, as that might be one of our honored CC Editors. Thank you!


That’s right; body by Fisher. It’s Fisher flavor, or it’s just plain nuts! And you can be driving Cadillac luxury for peanuts–bada-bing!


The best part? Even the interior is green. And finished in plush Sierra grain leather. You can get lost in this car, pal–I have myself on a couple of occasions! And not only can you drive this car from Montana to Miami, it will also comfortably sleep a family of five.


Yum. Fake wood, green leather, green carpet, green steering wheel, comfort control, power blitherin’ everything. And courtesy lights! Remember courtesy lights? And did I mention fake wood?


Strictly first cabin, sir! Now, some of the plastic bits are, ahem, perhaps a bit less than Cadillac quality. But never fear, for this car has all of its little trim bits fully intact. And you’re not going to be driving this thing to work and in the winter anyway. Perish the thought! No this is a nice-day car. And in that capacity, the Coupe will serve you just fine.


So, in closing, you need this car. They don’t make them any more, and the ones that didn’t dissolve in the Midwest were mostly driven into the scrapyard by their fourth, fifth and sixth owners. Are you convinced? Good! Then come on down to You Auto Own It Motors and ask for Tom! He’s the guy with the plaid sportcoat and Town Car tie clip! Now what are you waiting for son?


And then I woke up. Man, I shouldn’t have watched Used Cars so late last night! (Note: some of the language in the movie clip is a little “blue.”)

Full eBay auction with lots more pics can be found here. Video is, of course, from Youtube!