Cohort Capsule: 1965 Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback – A Stallion Instead Of A Gelding

Mustang 1965 fastback rq

Call it the CC Correlation Effect. Having just decided to honor the Barracudas giant fastback, I paid the Cohort a visit, and what is there to greet me? A 1965 Mustang Fastback 2+2, posted by our ace Cohort William Rubano. It’s 1964 all over again: the Barracuda beat the Mustang notchback coupe to the market by 16 days, but the Mustang then utterly creamed it in sales. But as if that wasn’t enough, by the fall of 1964, Ford saw fit to throw a fastback Mustang into the corral. Take that, Barracuda!

Mustang 1965 fastback side

Unlike the giant fish-bowl on the Barracuda, Ford went about it quite differently. Inspired by the Ford GT-40, the Mustang’s fastback wasn’t just crudely grafted on like the Barracuda, Marlin and Charger, but had a distinct roof line that started heading downhill even before the end of the single side window. It really transformed the Mustang, making the 2+2 look dramatically more like a genuine sports car than the formal coupe. The fastback also ended early, leaving room for a decent trunk opening.

But the close-coupled roof did reduce rear seat headroom, and the 2+2 was aptly named. The result was that it was much less likely to be bought by suburban Moms and such. The 2+2 exuded manly vibes, and from my recollection, was much less likely to be powered by the Falcon six, which found its way into a very large percentage of coupes.

Classic American Muscle Car Photography Stock Image

And all of this macho-ness was of course greatly enhanced by the legendary Shelby GT-350.

Mustang 1965 fastback engine

From what little I can see from this one’s engine compartment, it appears to have been modified and updated some. Most likely it had the 200 or 225 hp 289 originally. Seeing the distinctive “High Performance 289” badge on the front fender of a Mustang back than was not common, but the distinctive rumble of that solid-lifter K-Code motor, rated at 271 (gross) hp, was music to the ears.

Mustang 1965 fastback fq

The excessive commonness of the Mustang coupe really dulled my youthful interest within a short time of its arrival, but the 2+2 was another matter. I lusted for a K-Code Fastback 2+2 then, and I could still get those same juices flowing again today, if I heard its stallion call now.