eBay Find: Finest Triple-Yellow 1991 Eldo Biarritz In The World!

It is well documented here at CC that I am a Cadillac fan. I am especially enamored of the triple-yellow (paint, top and interior, for you rookies) Cadillacs that were available between the late ’70s and early ’90s. And while I mercilessly attacked the 1986-87 mini-Eldo (CC here), I do have a soft spot for the restyled and re-engineered 1988-91 models. So when I saw what may be the best ’91 Eldo in existence–and in yellow!–it guaranteed a CC post.

Yes, GM stumbled, scrambled and raced to redo their cars in the Eighties, thanks to changing tastes, CAFE and myriad other things. The second-gen downsized Eldorado (the first-gen ’79-’85 was a breath of fresh air after the gigantic 1971-78 models) got off to a rocky start, with wimpy styling, the troubled HT4100 aluminum V8 and renewed buyer interest in BMWs and Mercedes-Benzes.

But added length and a more robust 4.5-liter V8 debuted for ’88, and made the Eldo so much better. The 1986 chassis was quite sound, providing great handling and good interior room. As a result, production of the 1988-91 Eldos increased, and while not necessarily a sales smash, this generation still carved a nice little niche for itself. I have driven an ’89 Eldo and I loved it.

Model year 1991 was the swan-song for this Eldorado generation, but the new multi-port 4.9-liter V8 was a fresh talking point about ’91 Caddys, and it did result in spirited performance, although the Eldo’s older buyer base may never have noticed. King of the Eldos was the Biarritz, now in its last year.

Amenities included such ’70s luxury-car features as button-tufted interior seating, a padded landau top, electroluminescent opera lamps in the C-pillar, chrome side spears that wrapped over the roof and down the fenders, wire wheel covers and a standard Delco-Bose sound system. A power Astroroof was also standard on Biarritzes and on the Touring Coupe.

This one, currently on eBay, is a mint-condition time capsule with 65,000 miles. Were it not in Florida, I would be seriously interested in buying it–at least, until I remember that I have a one-car garage. The car’s condition is remarkable–just look at that armrest–minty fresh! The genuine wood trim is also in fine shape, as is everything else.

It appears the back seat has never been used, being just as nice as the rest of the car. Just 16,212 1991 Eldorados were made; 1991 was also the final year for the Biarritz, a Cadillac model name that went back to 1956, when it designated the Eldo convertible after the Seville hardtop joined the Eldorado lineup.

If you love butter-yellow Caddys (everything’s better with butter, I always say), act now! Lots more pics can be found here on eBay. Let’s hope it finds a new owner as caring as the one it’s had over the past 22 years. Maybe Carmine will save it!

All pics are from the eBay auction listing.