Educator Dan’s Auction Finale: Win Or Lose?

Consider this an update for all my loyal readers (all 3 of you.) Most of you know by now that I am a passionate man who when he falls, he falls hard. My $551.51 bid for a 1992 Bonneville SE put me in second place for a car that I have well documented my lust for; I waited to see if the winning bidder would ante up. What I had forgotten was how slowly the wheels of the bureaucracy turn… The auction ended on September 27th but “award” letters were not sent out until October 19th.

In the mean time I spent some time surfing, following auctions on eBay for things like a big “Buick Fireball” air cleaner sticker, 3800 badges, and a set of stickers that had 3.8V6 spelled out in a myriad of different ways. I cruised auto parts sites checking on things like shocks and struts, brakes, shop manuals, and I mentally listed in my head what would have to be safety checked before I would trust the Bonne on the road. I picked out a personalized license plate (RDNKBMW) and was trying to decide between an understated deep chocolate brown repaint with smoke tinted windows or a “Bandit Grows Up” theme with a screaming chicken on the hood.

Alas it was not to be. Early during the week of October 24th to the 28th she disappeared, to go home with the highest bidder. I’ll nurse my broken heart; try not to think of purchasing an automobile until post July 2012 (after my wedding). My Auto Trader, Auto Trader Classic, and eBay Motors searches continue to demonstrate a wondering eye. You dear readers were deprived of a shot of me leaning Burt Reynolds like against the fender of a Pontiac, cigar in a Lutzian pose, and even (if anyone was interested) documentation of the restoration/customization. Que sera, sera.

Perhaps a family heirloom 1967 Mustang convertible will soothe my soul one day?