Sunday Salon: I Have Only Myself To Blame

One of the advantages of getting older is the reduced likelihood of making stupid mistakes that result in outcomes like this. It explains insurance rates dropping with age, up to a point, anyway. It has been a quite a while (about twenty five years, unless I’m in denial) since I inflicted damage to one of my own cars (don’t ask about the rental I totaled in Hawaii). But pride goes before the fall.

We were looking for spawning salmon in Whitaker Creek, but the Campground was closed. I drove just past the closed gate, and decided to park just down-road of it. I put it in reverse to do a three point turn in the apron in front of the gate. The crisp fall air was invigorating, and my maneuver had a decided brisk and overly-confident aspect to it. That is, until it came to a crashing halt: Kapow! I hit a very low marker post that I obviously hadn’t seen in the rapidly darkening dusk. Or bother to take the time and look for as I zipped back. Looks like only the “bumper” needs to be replaced. And I haven’t priced it yet.

So what about you? (Michael Freeman excepted) Any (relatively recent) acts of stupidity, hubris, or negligence you’d like to own up to? Confession is good for the soul.