Elvis Loved The Biggest And Smallest Cars In The World

SHORPY _Elvis_Presley_1956_83

A quick visit to Shorpy shows the extremes of Elvis’ rapidly growing collection of cars in 1956, when he was just 21. In this shot, on his Harley (looks like a 750 flathead Sportster), Elvis is in front of the (first, I assume) house he bought for himself and his parents, and a trio of Cadillacs. That Series 75 limo/sedan was undoubtedly the longest production car in the world at the time. And its 5.4 L engine was one of the biggest too. But He obviously liked tiny cars too:

SHORPY Messerschmitt Elvis_Presley_1956_90

A Messerschmitt Kabinenroller, no less (or no more). OK; maybe not exactly as small as the Peel, but small enough. And its 175 cc engine was one-thirtieth the displacement of the Caddy. Probably smaller than the lawnmower. Maybe it was just to drive around on the lawn.