Eugene Streetscene Outtakes: Suddenly It’s 1996

CC 113 014 1200

Just another typical street scene in Eugene. Can you ID them all? Are they all from 1996 or earlier? Oops; looks like there’s one interloper from the future in there. Yes, that’s my bike in front; there wasn’t a tree handy. And for a bit more fun, let me run across the street and shoot it from the other side…and then run down the street…and then…

CC 113 018 1200

Gotta’ love those wheel covers on the Taurus.

CC 113 020 1200

And here’s the view a bit down the block.

CC 113 024 1200

Let’s move on down a bit further yet.

CC 113 025 1200

Two disparate white cars.

CC 113 027 1200

And the next block. Yes, that is what you think it is down there at the end. When was the last time you saw one?

CC 113 032 1200

Can’t stop now. Not a single CUV the whole length of these several blocks of 10th St..

CC 113 037 1200

Let’s pop down to Boradway (9th). There’s a nice motley collection in this apartment lot.

CC 113 040 1200

And these two veterans were on Jefferson. Enough for today; don’t want to overload the folks with too much Curbsidelandia in one sitting.

Postscript: These were shot either three or four years ago. Not exactly 1996, but some of them are still around, others are gone.